Friday, September 22, 2017

A Spell for Wisdom

Blessed Mabon to everyone!  The pot roast is on, and we're preparing for feasting. We've already talked about things to do for Mabon, but this week's spell is certainly as valid for Mabon/Equinox as at any other time.  On a waxing moon is best, so now would work well, and as the summer fades, we move forward toward the end of the year, and the New Year on Samhain, a time of reflection.

For me, the winter months are a time of study as well as reflection, so one of the spells I work in preparation for this study and the New Year, is a spell to bring wisdom, so that I can use what I’ve learned over the past year in the coming one. As you can tell, I tend to use different types of spells based on my goals, the time of year, and my energy level, so starting with a spell to increase understanding and knowledge and thereby wisdom, is, for me, a lovely way to start my prep for the new year.

First, of course, you will prepare your space. What symbolizes wisdom to you? Bring it to you altar. You will want to choose a shape or image that symbolizes wisdom to you. You can use anything you can carve on the candles. One thing I do is use something that represents different aspects of the need. For this spell, you could use something like knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


You will need:

3 candles(yellow, purple, black, white, dark blue, all represent wisdom)
Mint (herb or oil-I’ve used both equally effectively)
Sage (I usually just smudge with the sage before casting the spell, but you can also mix it with the mint and burn it as an offering if you choose)
Almond oil (if you choose to use herbs rather than oils, use the almond oil alone to anoint your candles)

After smudging, and casting the circle, ground and prepare your energy. When you feel ready, carve your symbols on your candles, and anoint them. As you light them, say,

My thirst for knowledge
Seeks so deep
Where wisdom flows
From the universal sea

Mix the herbs together in your cauldron for your offering.

Show me the way
To find the path,
Of understanding
Now found at last

When you are done, focus your will on your intention, in this case, you will probably use some version of how your knowledge and understanding will make you wise. As you light the mixture, say,

I drink in awareness
To quench my craving
And In my abundance,
Clarity it does bring

Let your herbs burn, and when they are ash, snuff your candles while saying,

In the Pool of Nature’s Wisdom
Body and mind do see
As my will,
So mote it be

Close your spell.

For Wisdom:

Herbs and oils: Mint, Almond, Sage, Bay leaves

Friday, September 15, 2017

A Spell for Balance and Harmony

Next Friday is the Autumnal equinox, the day when day and night are of equal length, and we switch from the growing part of the year to the part of the year for storing and studying. Depending on the deities you follow, you may see this as Persephone returning to Hades for the winter before she returns to Olympus in the spring, or as has more recently come to be associated with the equinox, the imprisonment and freedom of Mabon, son of Modon. However, regardless of which deities you associate with the equinox, it is a time of change and a time of balance.

The spells normally cast during Mabon are for protection, prosperity, security, self-confidence, or for harmony and balance. This week we’ll look at a spell for harmony and balance that you can use whether you simply want to make your home a more inviting and pleasant place to be, or you have issues with a relationship of some sort, a spell for harmony and balance can help you.

I do this spell in two parts. First, I lay out a tarot spread. The spread I use depends on where in my life I want to focus, and if you choose to use this step, you will need to choose the deck that suits your needs best. Tarot helps me know which areas need work the most. I use the Motherpeace deck, but any set you're comfortable with will work.

Smudging beforehand can help you clear negativity in your space, allowing you to focus your energy on creating the harmony and balance you desire.

For this spell, I use music to set the mood and to help me ground. I’m new to the singing bowl, so that’s what I’m using right now because they fascinate me, and the sound is so beautiful and soothing, but you can use, drums, nature sounds, harp music, or whatever works for you. When you do the spell, it becomes your spell, and the more attuned you are to the sounds, or any portion of the spell, the more powerful the spell.


You will need:
Almond oil (or some sort of carrier oil)

Pour 2 tbsp. of your carrier oil into your bowl. Use an eyedropper to put three drops of each of the oils into the carrier oil.  Blend the oils with a wooden spoon while saying,

Nature’s balance
Comes to pass
As sands flow through
The hourglass

Anoint your candles, and as you light them, say,

Seeds grow to plants
And bless us with their worth
Until their spent stalks
Return to Mother Earth

Focus on the flame of the candle, and bring the resolution you desire into your mind. Say

Show me the balance
Help me find a way
To live in peace and harmony
Every mortal day

Settle into the music and hold the pure picture of it in your mind for as long as you can with no interference or doubt. Once you finish, focus again on the candle and say,

Balance and harmony flow to me
As my will, so mote it be

Slowly release the energy you have raised and release your circle if you used one. This spell doesn’t really require one, but you will do what works best for you.

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Spell for Protection using Dragon's Blood

Between the new chalices and shot glasses, and the Anne Stokes Mythical Companions that we’ve put on sale, you can tell we’re both dragon fans. In that spirit, this week we’ll be working with Dragon’s Blood, which adds power to any spell work done using it. As you may have guessed, however, Dragon’s Blood does not come from Dragons. It comes from the sap of the Draconis, or Dragon, Palm.

The sap makes a resin that crystallizes and can then be cut or pounded in to powder for magical uses. Dragon’s blood has many uses in ritual work. Spells for protection, courage, luck, money, or power can use Dragon’s blood resin or powder for burning, oil for anointing candles, and even ink for writing spells.  Its blood red color makes it perfect for inks and dyes.

While common uses for Dragon’s blood also include increased sexuality and love, today’s spell is for protection. While not a substitute for the use of police in situations of imminent physical danger, you can use a protection spell to turn someone’s ill will away from you, and to clear negative energies and free yourself from negative influences.

You have several options when working with Dragon’s blood because it comes in many forms. You can get it in resin, powder, ink, incense, and oil. For this spell, I use the oil and the ink but you can also use a simple incense to give power to your spell since Dragon’s Blood is exceptionally potent. Dragon’s Blood ink also helps you set powerful intentions when used in writing your spells, which is how I use the ink.


You will need:

Your white candles are your representation of deity, so for my purposes, I use one white candle for the Goddess and one for the God. The black candle, on the other hand, represents protection and release of negative energy. Mullein and Hyssop carry different types of protection properties that complement each other to make it a good mix for your offering.

For something like this, I decorate my altar with items from the forest since that’s what makes me feel safest. Set up your altar using whatever represents protection and safety to you.

Magic is energy, so you always want as much energy as you can before you cast your spell. Walking your circle will help you raise that energy. Anoint your candles with the dragon’s blood oil, and grind your mullein and hyssop in your ritual bowl.

Light your candles and invoke the deity and the elements. When you finish, visualize yourself surrounded in a ball of light, and say the following:

Blood of dragon
Dark of night
Protect me from
This mortal plight

This burning candle
The shining light
A harbor of safety
In the darkest night

Light the herbal mix in the spell bowl

God and Goddess
To you I pray
Protect me now
And in future days.

Elements four
Come near to me
I embrace your power
So mote it be.

Hold the vision of the white light for a few moments until you feel ready to close the spell. Thank the deity and elements, bid them farewell, gently release the energy, and break the circle. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Spell for the Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon celebrates the final harvest of the year. It sometimes falls in September and sometimes in October. This year the Harvest Moon falls on September 6, followed by the Autumnal Equinox on September 21. This is a particularly powerful full moon since it’s so close to the equinox. This full moon is excellent for cleansing and charging your stones, and any magic done on this full moon will be more potent than normal, so choose your spells carefully.

This week’s spell will help you increase your own intuition and psychic power. The condition of the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra determine how much psychic power you can channel, so this week we’ll focus on a spell to open those chakras.
The Third Eye chakra controls our ability to use our intuition, to see the unseen, and to use our imagination. It governs our sixth sense and the celestial body. Generally based in the brow area, it also includes the brain and is the seat of your essence. A balanced Third Eye Chakra enhances our ability to perceive both the physical and ethereal world.
It is through the Third Eye that people see ghosts, auras and other phenomena unseen by our physical eyes. It is also through this chakra that we can receive messages from the past and the future. A balanced chakra enables us to receive those messages from the past or future, or even from the other side of the world.


Ways to Balance the Third Eye Chakra
  • Meditate.
  • Surround yourself with blues and purples to increase your sense of your Third Eye chakra, and help you bring it back into balance.
  • Add purple and indigo colors to your wardrobe and your surroundings.
  • Listen to music to enhance and balance the energies flowing through the Third Eye chakra.
  • Choose gemstones associated with the third eye chakra such as amethyst, aventurine, and tourmaline. You can wear them, or even just place them around your home.
Spell to Increase Psychic Power
·                 Frankincense or jasmine incense
·                 Sage and Rosemary
·                 Bowl

Create a serene space. I often use music to help with this, especially if I’ve had a long day. Place the two blue candles on opposite corners of your altar, and the same for the purple. Place the white candle in the middle. Place the Sage and Rosemary in the bowl. Decorate your altar with your stones and anything that represents psychic vision to you. I use my triquetra, but I have known people who use different types of Celtic knots, or an Eye of Horus, so the choice is yours.

Ground yourself and cast your circle. Invoke the elements and your deities of choice while you light your candles.  Light your white candle first, and use the white candle to light the others. Place the white candle back in the center of your altar. Focus on the white candle and feel your mind begin to open.

Repeat the following three times as you continue to focus on the white candle:

God and Goddess hear my plea
Open my eyes that I might see
Let my Psychic spirit light a new
Bring me vision, sharp and true

Continue to focus on the candle until the energy settles in and you feel ready to bid farewell to the elements and your deity and close your spell. 

Friday, August 18, 2017


 Pagan Realms Free Spell Friday

Eclipses are such powerful times that even nature reacts just as it would at night. If you’re lucky enough to be out away from people during the eclipse, stop and listen. Daytime animals, birds, and bugs return to their nests, and nocturnal animals start becoming active. There is quiet. This is for a darkness that will last a maximum of 2 minutes. Now that’s some wild magic!

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the eclipse. We haven’t had a new moon this special in 38 years. While the new moon is generally an excellent time for spellcasting, the eclipse will magnify the energy of the moon exponentially, so unless you are sure of your skills and experience, I would recommend doing some grounding during the eclipse.

One thing we need to remember, however, is that our connection to nature is not what it once was in most cases, so something on the scale of a solar eclipse often makes people feel anxious, antsy, or even just a little off, which makes grounding necessary for many. However, you can accomplish a lot with grounding. It can help you set up your intentions for manifestation for the coming year.

A solar eclipse can only occur during the day, on a new moon, and the new moon is for letting go of what no longer serves us, to prepare for new beginnings. Grounding can help you do this. Grounding can also help you set your intentions for your new beginnings, at the eclipse, and for the coming New Year.

Your best bet before you do any kind of magic working is to smudge, and this grounding and intention setting is no different. A cleansing bath also helps purify and prepare.
Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Once you settle in, begin focusing on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you have slowed your breathing and relaxed, picture your body as the trunk of a tree. Visualize roots going down from your feet and spine, into the ground. See them reaching deep into the earth.


Visualize all negativity and mind noise flowing down the trunk of the tree where the earth absorbs and neutralizes the dirty energy. Personally, I keep my hands down at first and visualize the rest of the negativity and stress in my body flowing down into the earth along with the muck is flowing away from you through the tree roots.

This will probably be different for everyone, but once the negative has drained, I usually have the urge to raise my hands, and they generally just keep rising until they reach out like branches. Then I gratefully let the positive energy fill me.

This is the perfect time to start focusing on your intentions for the coming year. If you write out what you seek to achieve beforehand, it will enhance your focus.

Stones: Certain stones are natural grounding stones, such as onyx, jasper, tourmaline, hematite, magnetic hematite, quartz, and amethyst. Cleanse and charge your crystals, then wear or carry them.

Smudge: Sage is a good general smudge and great for grounding. A mixture of sage and sandalwood is also good, and patchouli will also work.
Bath: add herbs or use soaps such as sage or lavender if you wish to use a ritual preparation bath as part of your cleansing and grounding. 
Touch: the earth Take off your shoes, stand, sit, or lay touching the ground. Recharge your connection to nature and the earth.
Drum: Any kind of drum or percussion-type instrument or music is a great way to ground. Any kind of drum will do.


Friday, August 11, 2017


This week, I want to share some of the items we use in our own spells.  Personally, I like to use our cat candles. I think they’re adorable, and they are long burning, so your spell has time to build upon itself.
I don’t know about you, but I figure everyone can use a bit more money and some good luck, so this week we have two wealth attracting spells, one for love, and one to banish bad luck.  

Wealth Attracting Spell 1

Using your boline, carve a green cat candle with your name, goals and identifying information. Anoint the candle with money drawing oil and burn.

Wealth Attracting Spell 2

Use green cat candles for attracting money. Anoint the green cat candle with Money Drawing or Wealthy Way Oil. Write the amount of money needed for a specific purpose on a square of parchment and place it beneath the green cat candle. Burn the candle 7 minutes the first evening, 11 minutes the 2nd evening, 7 minutes the third evening etc. until you receive the money you need. You can also carve your desires into the candle and sprinkle with glitter to add an extra boost, and if you need a specific amount, you can either carve it into the candle or write it on a piece of paper and place it under the candle.



You can adapt this for love by using the red cat candle and carving the name of your love interest into the candle, or onto a piece of paper and place it beneath the candle just as in the wealth spell.

To Banish Bad Luck

Burn a black cat candle in the prescribed manner to reverse one's bad luck and draw the good luck. To intensify the force of the candle, anoint it with any of the "lucky oils." Light the candle and burn it for 7 minutes the first evening, 11 minutes the second evening, 7 again on the third evening 11 on the fourth, 7 on the fifth, etc. Alternate the burning time each evening between the 7 and 11 minutes until the candle is done, or you can tell the bad luck is gone.

Lucky Oils

Money Oils
Almond, Bergamot, Mint

Love Oils

Blessed Be,


Friday, August 4, 2017

Mabon Blessing Spell

Lughnasadh has passed, and now we move toward the autumnal equinox, often referred to as Mabon, and although that is a recent designation, it has become the prevailing term for the holiday.  The autumnal equinox has many names, Harvest Home, Mabon, the Feast of the Ingathering, Gleichentag, Meán Fómhair, or Alban Elfed (in some Druid traditions).  

Mabon marks the day when night and day are of equal lengths, and we start the passage into winter.  No matter the path you follow, or the title you choose, the equinox celebration is a Pagan ritual of thanksgiving for the fruits of the harvest, and a way to honor the God and Goddess in order to receive their blessings during the winter ahead.

Like the seasons, everything has a natural rhythm, so the equinox is also about finding our balance and blessing our homes for the coming year. It’s a time of letting go and reflection on the passing of cycle of life and the death and rebirth of the Horned God and the offerings of the earth after winter has passed.

Between now and Mabon, we’ll be sharing parts of our rituals and different spells that we have used and participated in over the years.  We’ll start with a blessing spell that I like to use to bless my house before having people over for ritual or feast.  It’s a simple cleansing and blessing spell that requires very little ritual, but it requires a little bit of preparation. You will need the following:

Grind the lavender and the rose petals together.

Choose where you would like to set up your candles, your chalice, and your offering bowl. I’ve used this blessing two different ways. One is to use your altar, and set the items up on it, decorating the altar for the season.  The other is to set the candles up to signify the four corners of your home in the way that feels right to you.

I use my altar for the offering bowl and chalice regardless of which way I do the candles, but if you have some place that represents the heart of your home, that will work as well. Place the ground lavender and rose petals in the offering bowl, and pour some wine/mead/water of your choice.  I use mead personally.

Light the smudge stick and smudge your entire home while chanting:

Cleanse this home and fill with light
To carry us through the winter night
Blessed be my home and all within,
As we wait for spring to begin again.

When you finish, light the lavender and rose petal mixture, and let it burn as an offering to the deity of your choice.  Once that is done, let the candles burn while you work around the house. I generally decorate for the season while the candles burn to further enhance the energy of the blessing. 

Afterward, take the ashes of the offering and the wine and use the wine to wash the ashes into the ground by your front porch as you thank your deity for blessing your home.