Friday, August 18, 2017


 Pagan Realms Free Spell Friday

Eclipses are such powerful times that even nature reacts just as it would at night. If you’re lucky enough to be out away from people during the eclipse, stop and listen. Daytime animals, birds, and bugs return to their nests, and nocturnal animals start becoming active. There is quiet. This is for a darkness that will last a maximum of 2 minutes. Now that’s some wild magic!

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the eclipse. We haven’t had a new moon this special in 38 years. While the new moon is generally an excellent time for spellcasting, the eclipse will magnify the energy of the moon exponentially, so unless you are sure of your skills and experience, I would recommend doing some grounding during the eclipse.

One thing we need to remember, however, is that our connection to nature is not what it once was in most cases, so something on the scale of a solar eclipse often makes people feel anxious, antsy, or even just a little off, which makes grounding necessary for many. However, you can accomplish a lot with grounding. It can help you set up your intentions for manifestation for the coming year.

A solar eclipse can only occur during the day, on a new moon, and the new moon is for letting go of what no longer serves us, to prepare for new beginnings. Grounding can help you do this. Grounding can also help you set your intentions for your new beginnings, at the eclipse, and for the coming New Year.

Your best bet before you do any kind of magic working is to smudge, and this grounding and intention setting is no different. A cleansing bath also helps purify and prepare.
Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Once you settle in, begin focusing on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you have slowed your breathing and relaxed, picture your body as the trunk of a tree. Visualize roots going down from your feet and spine, into the ground. See them reaching deep into the earth.

Visualize all negativity and mind noise flowing down the trunk of the tree where the earth absorbs and neutralizes the dirty energy. Personally, I keep my hands down at first and visualize the rest of the negativity and stress in my body flowing down into the earth along with the muck is flowing away from you through the tree roots.

This will probably be different for everyone, but once the negative has drained, I usually have the urge to raise my hands, and they generally just keep rising until they reach out like branches. Then I gratefully let the positive energy fill me.

This is the perfect time to start focusing on your intentions for the coming year. If you write out what you seek to achieve beforehand, it will enhance your focus.

Stones: Certain stones are natural grounding stones, such as onyx, jasper, tourmaline, hematite, magnetic hematite, quartz, and amethyst. Cleanse and charge your crystals, then wear or carry them.

Smudge: Sage is a good general smudge and great for grounding. A mixture of sage and sandalwood is also good, and patchouli will also work.
Bath: add herbs or use soaps such as sage or lavender if you wish to use a ritual preparation bath as part of your cleansing and grounding. 
Touch: the earth Take off your shoes, stand, sit, or lay touching the ground. Recharge your connection to nature and the earth.
Drum: Any kind of drum or percussion-type instrument or music is a great way to ground. Any kind of drum will do.


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