Friday, September 29, 2017

A Spell for Cleansing and Charging Your Tools

YAY!!! It’s almost Samhain!!! This is my favorite time of the year, and the same is true for most pagans and Wiccans I know, and while I generally don’t go to many group rituals during the year, my favorites of all the rituals I’ve been to are the Samhain rituals. This time of the year, the veil between the worlds is thinnest, and it's one of the best times to do magic. 

Samhain is also a time for letting go. We want to leave those things from the past that limit us behind and prepare to move forward into the New Year. Since I use my athame to cut those ties, I cleanse it before and after the ritual, so when I cut the ties between the things of the past that I’m releasing and set my intentions for the new year, I want my tools to cut cleanly. Afterward, I want to cleanse it of any residue from the past that might cling.

The dual cleansing is just my personal quirk, but tools pick up energy from anything and everything they encounter, so unless you can ensure that your tools never touch anything negative, even negative energy, I recommend periodic cleansing and rededication. You should always cleanse and bless any tools you get, whether you get them as a gift, or you purchase them yourself. Your tools should contain your energy, and only your energy, and preferably your most positive energy. Rededicating and charging a tool also strengthens your connection with the item.

This spell works best when done on the full moon. This year the full moons fall at the first of the month, so if you choose to do this, you’ll have a cleansed athame for all your prep work for Samhain as well, and then the November full moon falls shortly after the holiday, so you’re ready for the new year.

Cleansing accomplishes several things:

  • Removes any negativity that may cling to the tool from other workings or other people
  • Allows you to strengthen your connection to your tools by imbuing them with a portion of your own energy
  • Merges your energy with the energy of the elements to consecrate the piece for sacred work

You will need:

  • Tool to be cleansed and charged
How you set up your altar will depend on the space you have available, of course, but I like to set up a small altar in each of the quarters for each of the four elements, as well as setting up my regular altar in the center of the circle. It’s always nice if you have an actual altar for this, but you can use anything as an altar, as long as you smudge it, and it will hold the items you want to use for the spell.

Earth – North
Air – East
Fire – South
Water – West

On your earth altar, place the dirt or salt. On your air altar, place your incense. On your fire altar, the red candle, and on your water altar place your bowl of water. On your center altar, place your white candle. Use your oil blend to anoint your candles.

Cast your circle. Once you ground and center again, light your candles and incense.

Visualize yourself filling with white light. It flows in and through you and becomes a part of you, just as you are part of it. Hold this white light with you throughout the ritual, taking a moment now and then to reconnect if needed.

Pick up the item you wish to cleanse and bless, and turn to the earth altar. Take a handful of the dirt or salt and let it flow from your hand back over the item. Repeat this motion three times while saying the following:

Element of Earth, I call on thee
A strong foundation provide to me
Cleanse and purify this piece today.
To banish ill both here and away

Turn to the east, to you air altar. Pass your item through the smoke three times while saying:

Element of Air, I call on thee
Purity and rebirth provide to me
Cleanse and purify this piece today
To cast off ill both here and away

Turn to the south, to your fire altar. Pass your item through the flame three times while saying:

Element of Fire, I call on thee
Tempered steel provide to me
Cleanse and purify this piece today
To burn out ill both here and away

Turn to the west, to your water altar. Scoop a handful of water from the bowl, and let it flow back over your item. Repeat this three times while saying:

Element of Water, I call on thee
Water’s purity provide to me
Cleanse and purify this piece today
To wash out ill both here and away

Return to your center altar and pass your item through the flame three times while saying:

God and Goddess, I call on thee
Unite with us to bless this piece
As my will, so mote it be

Hold your item up in front of you and visualize the white healing pure energy flowing into the item you want to charge. When you finish, release any remaining energy, and close your circle.

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